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Noosa Rural weekend

At the end of Week 1 in Semester 172, the Bushfire Rural Health Club and a few lucky medicine students headed off for the Noosa Rural Weekend. We piled into the mini-van and headed off to St. John’s College in Nambour to introduce some of the senior students to medicine and allied health. We worked in pairs to help teach them skills such as cannulating, taking blood pressure, and eliciting reflexes. It was a great morning with the students having a ball and ending with a group photo to remember it by. We then headed to the stunning residence we would call home for the weekend at Mt. Coolum, with a table more than big enough for our family dinner of 13 that first night. The rest of the weekend was filled with hikes, beach trips, and the Noosa Food and Wine Festival. However, one of the highlights of the weekend would have to be our trip to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital. We were given the VIP tour and an afternoon of incredible simulation sessions with the amazing Dr Jen Williams, where we were given free rein to practice skills such thoracotomies, inserting lines, intraosseous access and much more. I would like to thank the Bushfire committee for organising such a fantastic weekend with opportunities that we otherwise might not have had. I hope this tradition continues in the future.